Lighting Up Your World

Maintenance Contracts

Our maintenance contracts are flexible and usually involve the following services.

  • Cleaning all lighting fixtures, including lenses and bodies.
  • Removing insect nests and debris from all system components.
  • Checking wire runs to ensure they remain buried and secure.
  • Checking transformer operation.
  • Repositioning and aiming lighting fixtures to accommodate for plant growth.
  • Changing bulbs.

Many contractors fail to stand by the systems they install. This is unacceptable in all cases, but especially in Florida where fast-growing plants and extreme weather challenge even the best installations.

Treasure Coast Landscape Lighting considers on-going maintenance to be an essential part of every project. Even though we use only the best, most durable products, they still require cleaning and re-positioning as the landscape grows. We will even change bulbs, relieving the homeowner from all maintenance tasks.

    Did You Know?
    Without annual maintenance, landscape lights diminish in brightness by about 50% per year due to mineral build-up on the lens.