Lighting Up Your World

Pricing Strategy

Many homeowners are understandably confused when trying to evaluate prices for a landscape lighting system. Prices for a professionally installed system range considerably and it can be difficult to assess why one company is less expensive than another.

Products: Some companies quote low prices because they use low quality products. They may even offer a lifetime warranty on these products. Some lighting franchises are in this category. You should know that low quality products will fail (often within a couple years), and companies that use such products may not live up to their promises. You can end up with fixtures that are chipped, bent, broken, or that don't work at all.

Treasure Coast Landscape Lighting only uses lighting fixtures from CAST Lighting and other high-quality manufacturers. CAST Lighting fixtures are constructed of solid bronze and will outlive all of us. If you sell your home, a CAST Lighting system increases its value. A lesser quality system actually decreases the value of your home. While quality products are a little more expensive at the onset, they result in a positive return on your investment.

Prices: We set our prices based on the cost of the system components, and the time for design and installation. Our prices are competitive and fair. Rates for large and small clients are identical, we don't play games with pricing and never overcharge for our services.

For this reason, when we provide a quote for a project of a certain size, the quoted price will not be negotiable. If the price is outside your budget, we will suggest reducing the scope of the design or approaching the installation in phases.

We will never use lower quality products to reduce price (so don't ask).

A professionally designed lighting system requires a minimum of about 10 lighting fixtures. Such a system would cost about $2,000. This is the minimum-sized system that we can install.