Lighting Up Your World

Florida is replete with hotels, resorts, golf clubs and other commercial properties. Low voltage lighting is ideal for these venues because of energy savings, greater flexibility in design and ease of installation and maintenance. Treasure Coast Landscape Lighting is well equipped to work with landscape superintendents and maintenance personnel in the development of a robust and compelling outdoor lighting system.

Commercial property owners in Florida are under a great deal of pressure to reduce energy costs and to ensure their lighting does not contribute to light pollution and light trespass. Converting existing 120-volt outdoor lighting to a low voltage system accomplishes these goals.

There is often resistance to making this change because onsite electricians and maintenance personnel are not trained in low voltage installation and maintenance. For this reason, Treasure Coast landscape Lighting is often called upon to design and install low voltage systems on these properties.

Commercial outdoor lighting has more stringent requirements than does lighting for residential properties. Certain brightness levels must be achieved and luminaires must be positioned for sufficient security and safe passage. A knowledge of photometry and familiarity with lighting codes is required - Treasure Coast Landscape Lighting brings this expertise to the table.

Rugged, durable, and reliable products are essential. We only use luminaires and power supplies that will withstand the type of abuse common to public properties. Our primary product line are lighting fixtures and low voltage transformers manufactured by CAST Lighting. Their solid bronze lights are practically indestructible and withstand harsh environmental conditions found in oceanside properties. These products carry a lifetime warranty.

To facilitate ongoing maintenance of the low voltage system, we will work with maintenance personnel, training them to change lamps and service the power supplies.

We encourage all hotels, resorts, golf clubs, housing communities and other commercial properties to give us a call for a free evaluation on installing a quality low voltage outdoor lighting system. Energy savings alone will quickly cover the cost of installation. In fact, adopting this green technology will soon become mandatory under a host of environmental and energy codes.