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Did you know

Palm Tree Roots Can Destroy a Landscape Light?

That's right, unless a lighting fixture is installed properly, fast-growing palm roots can engulf it, breaking it and rendering it useless. This is one of the many considerations that go into the carefully planned installation of a landscape lighting system on a Florida property.


Installation proceeds as follows

  Lighting fixtures are positioned according to the lighting plan.
  Shallow trenches are dug taking care to provide paths for wires that will be harmless to the landscape. PVC conduits house the wire where there is risk of damage due to landscape work or growth of plant roots.
  One or more low voltage multi-tap transformers are mounted adjacent to structures with access to water-proof GFCI outlets. These outlets are installed by a licensed electrician under our direction. We will ensure that electrical requirements are met and that the installation will not cause problems with the house electrical system.
  Connections are made and voltages are set to exact standards at each lighting fixture to ensure optimal operation and maximum bulb life.
  Trenches are closed with care to ensure no damage to turf and plants.
  Lighting fixtures are aimed and final adjustments made.
  Lighting system controls (timers and/or photocells) are set according to the homeowner's instructions.

Most installations can be completed within two days with no disruption to the household.