Lighting Up Your World

Florida is home to a host of architectural styles and distinctive properties. Each of these venues presents unique needs for illumination. When undertaking a project, Treasure Coast Landscape Lighting first evaluates the lighting goals then develops strategies to achieve those goals. Working closely with the homeowner, Steve Middleton, proposes a lighting plan that satisfies the goals and stays within the budget.

The illumination of a home and property is a great responsibility. There is much to be achieved, not the least of which is to literally transform how you experience your home at night. Our clients are always surprised by the extent of their satisfaction upon completion of the lighting project. Many of them express how they love their homes more at night than during the day.

This is quite a contrast to their feelings prior to the project. Properties that were enveloped in shadows become places where subtle illumination throughout the property conveys a sense of security, a sense of welcoming and a sense of beauty that can not be put into words.

We begin each project with an evaluation of the goals of safety, security, nighttime usability and beauty. The beauty of lighting includes revealing the beauty already present in the landscape as well as beauty that is created through the play of light and shadow.

Every design is different, every strategy customized to the needs, and the resulting lighting design is as unique as the property being illuminated. Many lighting installers use a cookie-cutter approach to lighting; Treasure Coast Landscape Lighting honors the distinctions of your property and acts accordingly. Read more about our landscape lighting design process.

Rugged, durable and reliable lighting products are essential. The outdoor Florida environment is harsh and most lighting fixtures have a life of one to two years. We design lighting systems that will last for the life of your home. We accomplish this through use of products such as those from CAST Lighting. They manufacture solid bronze lights that carry a lifetime warranty and are practically indestructable.