Lighting Up Your World


Steve Middleton, a graduate from the University of New Orleans, has a lifelong admiration for beautifully designed tropical landscapes. This passion blossomed in 2003 when he turned his talents towards illuminating these landscapes. He adopted the profession with vigor, mastering both the technical and artistic skills of low voltage landscape lighting.

Steve is unique among landscape lighting contractors in his specific focus on tropical vegetation and his flair for creating a scheme of illumination that takes into account the shapes and textures of palm trees, ferns and other Florida vegetation. Featured in an article on the subject by Landscape Contractor National, Steve revealed some of his secrets in lighting palm trees - information never before found in print.

Steve Parrott, Communication and Marketing Director of CAST Lighting and a leading authority on Landscape Lighting, notes,

"Steve Middleton is without question the person most qualified to take on the illumination of any tropical landscape. His creative application of light brings life to properties that might otherwise be poorly lit by contractors of less skill and experience."

Steve Middleton is often called upon to submit project photos to trade publications. His projects have appeared in such journals as Landscape Contractor National, Irrigation and Green Industry, Pool and Spa Magazine, Pipeline and many others.

Steve is fully licensed and insured, and has been recognized as a CAST Lighting Designer of Distinction.