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We Love Our Partners!

Landscape Lighting is an extension of landscape design. In fact, it is very difficult to create a successful lighting design when the landscape has been poorly planted or maintained. For this reason we welcome the opportunity to work with your landscape architect or designer, and have had many such partnerships in the past.

Since our specialty is landscape lighting (it is all we do), architects and designers welcome our participation as we bring an added dimension to the natural beauty and functionality of a landscape.

We also partner with other lighting designers when additional manpower or expertise is needed. An example of such a partnership is with Brendan Pollard of BPA Lighting.

BPA Lighting Partnership

Brendan Pollard, of BPA Lighting, is a talented lighting designer who relocated to Fort Lauderdale from England. In recognition of the accomplishments of Treasure Coast Landscape Lighting, Brendan entered into the partnership. BPA Lighting has extensive experience with a host of commercial and residential venues. The partnership will be an opportunity for both firms to undertake new projects with the fresh ideas and inspiration that can only come from a collaboration of experts passionate about lighting.

Other Partnership Opportunities

Treasure Coast Landscape Lighting and BPA Lighting welcome calls from Landscape Architects and Designers to explore partnership opportunities.

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